SIWA | Pen Case L
SIWA | Pen Case L
SIWA | Pen Case L

SIWA | Pen Case L

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The SIWA Pen Case L is perfect for carrying 8 to 10 pens, plus rulers and erasers. This Japanese paper pen case is ideal for carrying colored pencils or for those who want to carry a lot of writing utensils.

There are dividers on the inside so that you can categorize the items you are storing. It can also be used for storing and carrying bank books, invitations, tickets, cards, etc., or as a passport case.

The more you use it, the more it becomes soft and supple, wrapping your precious pens and fountain pens and protecting them from scratches and abrasions. The YKK zipper has a large handle to make it easier to open and close.

The material used is a new kind of Japanese paper material “Hard Naoron”, which is extremely lightweight and more durable. The structure of the pencil case has no visible seams, and is carefully made by craftsmen using sewing machines one by one. In addition to the L-size pencil case, the Pencil Case series is also available in three other sizes: the regular M-size pencil case, and the Slim pencil case, which can hold only one or two pens.

It makes paper, which used to be a delicate material, even more accessible to us, and allows us to make tools that will always be with us. SIWA is a brand that uses this excellent Japanese paper, "Naoron," to create things around us.

As all products are handmade, the color, texture, and specifications may vary slightly.

Product Information
Size: H135 x W200 mm

Weight: 17 grams

Material: Hard Naoron

Storage function: Comes with internal divider

Country of origin: Made in Japan

From a washi-making area with a history of 1,000 years.

Ichikawa Daimon, region of Kai.
This village, blessed with lofty peaks and clear water, has been known as a production center for washi since the Heian period (794-1185). The Shosoin Repository records that hemp, the raw material for paper, was delivered from Kai to the Imperial Court in 756. After that, Ichikawa Daimon's washi was recognized as the official paper of the Takeda clan and the Edo Tokugawa shogunate, and continued to develop.

The history of Onao, a manufacturer of washi, has been in step with the history of the paper industry in Ichikawa Daimon. In recent years, we have incorporated new technology into our tradition to develop paper that can be used for interior decoration and miscellaneous goods.

The new paper developed by Onao is called "Naoron," which combines the excellent properties of washi with durability. Together with Mr. Naoto Fukasawa, an industrial designer from Yamanashi Prefecture, created a product using the new washi developed by Onao. These are the "SIWA".