KU BY TRUNK DESIGN | Japanese Paper Incense 5 Exquisite Gift Boxes

KU BY TRUNK DESIGN | Japanese Paper Incense 5 Exquisite Gift Boxes

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[Ku brand concept]
Decorate the atmosphere with new fragrances,
It is a Japanese paper-like incense that can release fragrance without using fire.

The incense industry of Awaji Island has the best manufacturing technology,
It has a long history and accounts for more than 70% of the output in Japan.
We combine incense technology with Japanese traditional Japanese paper making technology,
Developed a paper-based incense that adds flavor to Japanese paper.

Just like the "Korai Kaoru" culture in Japan since ancient times,
It is also a pleasure to enjoy the aroma from nowhere.

We can decorate the space with wall-paper fragrance,
Or put it in a letter and send the aroma to important people,
You can also light it up and enjoy different aromas.

After the incense and paper meet, a new fragrance style is added to life.

[Usage method]
Tear off the leaves
You can tear off the leaves, put them in wallets and business card holders, or put them in glass bottles, just like using a diffuser bottle.
You can ignite and blow out the flame before use. Please pay attention to the residual flame, you will not be able to enjoy the fragrance.
Use on a special pad
Please use it on a special fireproof mat and put it in an ashtray.

_product manual_
_ A special fireproof pad is attached.
_ This product has 24 leaves in total.
_ A leaf can burn for about three minutes.
_ Please use it on a special fireproof mat, and use it in an ashtray.

[5 classic fragrances]
Lavender / Ylang-Ylang (Perfume Tree) / Tea Tree / Sage / Geranium