DAILY BY TRUNK DESIGN | Incense Spiral 8 into

DAILY BY TRUNK DESIGN | Incense Spiral 8 into

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Blends lemongrass, lemongrass, peppermint, and sandalwood with insecticidal effect, making a small spiral incense. The burning time of one is about 3 hours.

Packed in a special gift box, suitable for gifts.

Brand concept
The basic line incense you want to use every day.

In cooperation with a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of traditional spiral incense incense, research the size and quantity convenient for daily use and increase the convenience.
We hope to make use of the technology accumulated by our staff and the new packaging design.

Every product you love has a reason.
From the perspective of daily necessities and culture,
Think carefully about the meaning of "use" before you make it.

We are not designing new products, but making existing products better.
I hope everyone can enjoy the simplicity and daily use.

Have a nice day !!

Origin of incense
Awaji Island is the origin of Japanese incense,
Due to the influence of the westerly wind, it has a good climate and soil.
Starting from 1840, the production of incense in the Awaji Ichinomiya area began.
The proportion of manufacturing in Japan is as high as 70%.
The fragrance of Awaji Island can make the air colorful, and there are ten kinds of fragrances to choose from.