SIWA | Clutch Bag M
SIWA | Clutch Bag M
SIWA | Clutch Bag M

SIWA | Clutch Bag M

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A "carrying bag" made out of durable Japanese paper, Naoron, that looks like something out of a movie scene or a nostalgic paper shopping bag.

It is a minimalist "carrying bag" that you can put things in roughly and carry around by your side. You can use it in any way you like. The opening is simply turned around and then fastened with a metal snap button on the inside. It is easy to open and close. The top can be folded and flattened when there is not much to store, and opened when there is a lot of stuff.

The compact "M" size is ideal for storing only personal items such as wallets and card cases, while the "Wide" size is recommended for storing bulky items such as A4 files and folding umbrellas.

The main body is made of "Soft Naoron," which has the texture of Japanese paper but is also durable. As you use it, it will become even more soft and pleasant to the touch.

As all products are handmade, the color, texture, and specifications may vary slightly.

Product Information

Size: H335 x W200 x D120 mm
Weight: 50 grams
Material: Soft Naoron with snap buttons
Country of origin: Made in Japan

Special Characteristics

#1 You can put heavy things in it.

SIWA's bags and pouches are made of Japanese paper, which maximizes the characteristics of the Naoron material. However, even though it is made of washi, Naoron is a special kind of washi.

First of all, Naoron is resistant to water and can be used even in the rain. In fact, it becomes stronger when it gets wet. You can even put wet things such as folding umbrellas in it.

And the strength of the bag is that it has a load capacity of 5 to 10 kilograms. In fact, if you were to put 10 kilograms of stuff in a bag of this size, you would have a hard time lifting it, but you would feel secure enough to carry heavy books and documents.

#2 There is no need to worry about it tearing even if you put wet things such as umbrellas in it.

The Naoron material is sewn one by one by a craftsman using a sewing machine, but the seams are so invisible that it makes you wonder what kind of process is used to make it. The double-layered structure of the sack stitch further enhances the strength of the product. It cannot be mass-produced, but it is very carefully and neatly made.

The unique texture when you hold it in your hand, and the gentle texture and beauty when you look at it. We all know the beauty of washi, a material that has been with us in our daily lives since the Nara period (710-794).

#3 Born from the traditional manufacturing of Ichikawa Daimon, Yamanashi Prefecture, a washi production center.

Onao, a manufacturer of washi in Ichikawa Daimon, Yamanashi Prefecture, has created a new type of washi that expands the possibilities of washi, while maintaining the lightness and texture of washi. It is called "Naoron. Naoron has the flexibility of washi, but it is also durable and does not tear when wet.

It makes paper, which used to be a delicate material, even more accessible to us, and allows us to make tools that will always be with us. SIWA is a brand that uses this excellent Japanese paper, "Naoron," to create things around us.